Marine Mammals Materials Requested for Costa Rican Training Course

This is a request for donated materials for a Costa Rican course for veterinarians on marine mammals, with an emphasis on strandings, to be held 6-7 November 2013. The course will be taught by Dr. Fernando Alegre, veterinarian in charge of the Rescue Center Marine Animal (CRAM) in Barcelona, Spain, and Costa Rican veterinarians Dr. Danilo Leandro, Dr. Gabriela Hernandez, Dr. Rocco Gonzalez and marine biologist Jose David Palacios from Keto Foundation. Attendees include 56 veterinarians from agencies, univerities, and private practices in Costa Rica and Honduras.

Requested materials include marine mammal guides, the CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine, brochures and protocols for strandings network
participants, and information of necropsy of cetaceans. Materials and shipping costs by US citizens could be considered tax deductible donations through Cetacean Society International (CSI), after a bit of paperwork.

In addition to a small grant Cetacean Society International is sending the last four “Marine Mammals Ashore” field guides and several older CDs
graciously donated by Dr. Valerie Lounsbury of the National Aquarium. If too many resources are received CSI will facilitate the dispersal of
extras through Latin America and the Caribbean.

Please send materials to arrive by October 21st, with your contact information enclosed, to:

Gabriela Hernandez Mora

6703 NW 7th St

SJO 69429

Miami, Florida 33126-6007

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