Expert Comments on Dolphin Strandings

Dr. Jack Lawson, a marine mammal research scientist with the marine section of Fisheries and Oceans Canada points to causes of dolphin strandings:

1. Dolphins are very social. If a sick animal strands itself, then other dolphins in the pod follow along.
2. If they hear the call of their buddies near the beach, then they swim to the beach.
3. Dolphins can strand due to falling tides while chasing capelin or other food sources.
4. There are no anthropogenic causes to the strandings.

The Western Star Newspaper July 26 and August 11, 2014

Marine Mammal Science is now online only

Two years ago, the majority of SMM members voted during the annual April ballot in favor of switching to an electronic-only journal and eliminating the printed version. There was an announcement of this on the Society’s website for several months, but it is possible you missed it if you do not periodically check the site and/or did not attend the annual member’s meeting at the biennial conference. It took some time to plan for the transition, and now it has become a reality.