Call for abstracts for the 3rd International Marine Conservation Congress

The3rd International Marine Conservation Congress will be held from 14-18, August 2014 at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. We are now accepting abstracts for oral (spoken), speed (short spoken), and poster presentations.

All abstracts must be submitted online by 5pm (GMT) on 8 March 2014. Decisions will be made by 22 March 2014. Complete instructions for submitting proposals are available at the meeting website: The selection process is highly competitive.

Manatees deaths in Florida

Toxic, oxygen-depleting algae blooms are killing manatees at a record-breaking pace this year in Florida, biologists say.
769 endangered sea cows have died so far this year across Florida State, the Save the Manatee Club reported. That constitutes Florida’s largest annual manatee die-off since record-keeping began, with two more months left to go.

The previous record of 766 documented dead manatees was set in 2010. That’s when hundreds succumbed to cold stress during an unusually chilly winter and spring, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologists determined.


common dolphins in Sagres, Portugal

I am sending a short video of common dolphins recorde in Sagres, Portugal
Thanks to all the viewers