Atlantic Seismic Is Safe

The Tidewater News published a guest editorial by Robert L. Bradley, the founder and CEO of the Institute for Energy Research. This editorial responds to opposition to oil and gas seismic off the Atlantic coast. The editorial explains that this opposition is unfounded because seismic has been demonstrated to be safe. The editorial includes the following statements:

“Seismic surveys are environmentally safe. In 2014, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management published their final Environmental Impact Statement on the issue. As their findings made clear, there ‘is no documented scientific evidence’ that air guns pose any harm to marine animals.

In addition, they couldn’t find a single ‘documented case of a marine mammal or sea turtle being killed by the sound from an air gun.’ The BOEM stressed that air guns are powerful tools, but when used appropriately, they are safe.”

Click here to read the rest of this editorial.

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