4th International Conference and Exhibition on Underwater Acoustics

The International Association of Geophysical Contractors posted the following notice on the IAGC website:

“4th International Conference and Exhibition on Underwater Acoustics (UACE2017)
Sunday, September 03, 2017 – Friday, September 08, 2017 CST

The 4th International Conference and Exhibition on Underwater Acoustics (UACE2017) is to be held during the days 3rd through 8th of September 2017 on the Greek Island of Skiathos (http://www.uaconferences.org). The conference will contain a structured session titled: ‘Acoustics of marine renewable energy developments

This session is being arranged by Philippe Blondel (University of Bath), Paul Lepper (Loughborough University), and Stephen Robinson (NPL).

We are writing to invite you and your organisation to present a paper at this session.

Topics of interest can include, but are not limited to:

  • Offshore wind, wave and tidal stream renewable energy developments
  • Construction noise and operational noise
  • Experimental methodologies and modelling methodologies
  • In-situ measurements of radiated sound pressure, sound exposure, particle motion and seabed vibration
  • Cumulative effects, barrier effects and collision risk
  • Noise mitigation techniques”

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