Marine Mammal Commission Meeting With NOAA’s Southeast Fisheries Center: A Cornucopia of Science Based Information

The Marine Mammal Commission sponsorsed a meeting with NOAA’s Southeast Fisheries Center on January 25, 2013. Some of the most informed scientists in the marine science field made presentations.  As a result of the kind of efforts of Dr. Ragen, the MMC Executive Director, the audio presentations and related visual presentations have  made available to the public.

In the attachments below you will note the first four audio presentations are followed by briefing slides.

We call your particular attention to page 9 of the last attachment which describes work on passive acoustic monitoring.

We also encourage our readers to examine CRE’s report on related  topics, please see








SERO_2013_Jan 24_MMC presentation

SEFSC_MMC Meeting 25 Jan 2013 ALL


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