Gailey Sakhalin Study

I believe you should include the attached study into your library.

The study focused on the impact of sesimic operations on whales in the Sakhalin Islands of Russia.

It concluded:

“In summary, after accounting for environmental variables, no correlation was found between seismic survey variables and the linearity of whale movements,
changes in whale swimming speed between theodolite fixes, mean direction of whale movement, mean number of whale exhalations per minute at the surface, mean time at the surface, and mean number of exhalations per minute during a whales surfaceto-dive cycle. In contrast, at higher received sound energy exposure levels, whales traveled faster, changed directions of movement less, were recorded further from shore, and stayed under water longer
between respirations.”

Attached is a copy of the study.

An informed observer

Gailey 2007.pdf (327 KB)

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  1. Anonymous

    Has this article been reviewed subsequent to its publication in other leading journals?

    If so please advise us of the citations.

  2. Anonymous

    He co-authored a study with Dr. Weller of NOAA

    Hillman, G.R., W├╝rsig, B., Gailey, G.A., Kehtarnavaz, N., Drobyshevsky, A., Araabi, B.N., Tagare, H.D. and Weller, D.W. 2003. Computer-assisted photo-identification of individual marine vertebrates: A multispecies system. Aquatic Mammals (29)1:242-252.

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