BOEM Changes Important Contact Info and Regulatory links

The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has published final rules that update important regulatory addresses and contact information for BOEM. In early 2015, many of BOEM’s headquarters’ offices moved from Herndon, Virginia to Sterling, Virginia. References in the 30 CFR part 550 regulations to the Herndon, Virginia location are updated in this rule to reflect the Sterling, Virginia location. This rule also updates other addresses in 30 CFR part 519. Also, the existing regulations contain references to the title ‘‘Associate Director,’’ which is a remnant of BOEM’s predecessor agency, the Minerals Management Service. This rule changes ‘‘Associate Director’’ to ‘‘Deputy Director’’ in the current regulations. This rule also makes other housekeeping changes, such as removing reference to a URL hyperlink for a Web page that no longer exists.

Click here to read BOEM’s Federal Register notice of these changes.



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