NMFS Proposes to Issue ExxonMobil an IHA for Seismic Survey Cook Inlet

The U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service proposes to issue to ExxonMobil Alaska LNG LLC, an Incidental Harassment Authorization to take marine mammals, by harassment, incidental to a geophysical and geotechnical survey in Cook Inlet, Alaska. This survey would investigate the technical suitability of a pipeline study corridor across Cook Inlet and potential marine terminal locations near Nikiski. The proposed activity would occur for 12 weeks during the 2015 open water season after August 7, 2015. The following specific aspects of the proposed activities are likely to result in the take of marine mammals: sub-bottom profiler (chirp and boomer), and a seismic airgun. Take, by Level B Harassment only, of individuals of four species is anticipated to result from the specified activities.

Comments and information must be received by NMFS no later than July 30, 2015.

Click here to read Federal Register notice of this action.

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