The Iron Triangle Revisited

The Iron Triangle, often defined as the  cozy relationship  “between members of Congressional Committees, Bureaucrats, and interest groups”,  has been revisited by a former UK environmental official.

 More specifically Mr. Owen Patterson,  the former UK Environment Secretary ,  describes the   “tangled triangle of unelected busybodies”  as consisting of public officials, renewable energy companies and environmental groups.

 This “tangled triangle” often is on the forefront of inaccurate assertions that seismic exploration is detrimental to marine mammals.

 In the three posts that follow we have:

1.  An article by Mr. Patterson on the “tangled triangle”.

2.  A $10 million Australian study which demonstrates that seismic operations have no impact on fish behavior or fish populations

3.  A University of British Columbia which states: ” these findings suggest that seismic activities may not have displaced bowhead whales [in the Beaufort Sea] as previously thought, but altered their dive behaviours instead  making them less visible for counting.”

The bottom line is that  the next time you see one of those  outlandish accusations that seismic operations harm marine mammals it is recommended that you first examine whether the study emanated from the “tangled triangle”.

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