BOEM Accepting Nominations for Offshore Scientific Committee

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management  seeks qualified individuals to serve on the Outer Continental Shelf (Scientific Committee beginning October 15, 2014, for a three-year period. The Committee is chartered under the Federal Advisory Committee Act to advise the Secretary of the Interior, through the BOEM Director, on the scientific quality and value of BOEM’s Environmental Studies Program (for the purpose of informing decisions on managing offshore resources. Interested individuals should send a letter of interest and resume to BOEM by May 23, 2014.

Committee members are appointed by the Secretary based on technical skills and geographic representation and must meet the following criteria: scientific competence, reputation within their field of expertise, and ability to address important elements of BOEM’s research and science activities.

This responsibility requires a broad spectrum of expertise both in terms of scientific specialty and geographic range. Members are selected such that their expertise does not overlap. The Committee is also evenly divided into three sections covering the areas of physical, biological, and social sciences. Recommendations for appointment are based on the specific expertise of the appointee and the existing balance of the Committee.

Scientific Committee membership consists of approximately 15 non-Federal voting members and two Federal ex-officio, non-voting members. Committee members are designated as special government employees and must comply with applicable ethics rules and regulations.

Individuals interested in serving on the OCS Scientific Committee should send a letter and resume by May 23, 2014 to:

Ms. Phyllis Clark
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Division of Environmental Studies
381 Elden St., Mail Stop HM-3115
Herndon, Va. 20170
Tel: (703) 787-1716

For additional information about the OCS Scientific Committee, click here .

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