CRE Comments at NOAA/NMFS’ Acoustic Guidance Meeting

CRE presented oral comments at NOAA/NMFS’ public meeting on their draft new Acoustic Guidance for PTS and TTS in marine mammals.  This meeting was held January 14, 2014, at NOAA/NMFS’ headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.  CRE’s oral comments made two points.

First, there is no evidence of physical harm from oil and gas seismic as currently and historically regulated.

 Second, the Government should perform a cost benefit analysis of its draft Acoustic Guidance if the Government intends to use it in rules. In particular, the Government should consider the requirements of Executive order 12866 and 13563 when regulating oil and gas seismic.

CRE also intends to file written comments on NOAA/NMFS’ draft new Acoustic Guidance.  CRE’s written comments will include our oral comments.


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