ESME Workbench at SMM2013 in Dunedin, NZ

The ESME Workbench <> project will be at the 20th
Biennial Conference on Marine Mammals, in Dunedin New Zealand, from 08 – 13

The Effects of Sound on the Marine Environment (ESME) Workbench is a
modeling environment that simulates the impact of anthropogenic noise on
marine mammals.  Narrow-band sound propagation is modeled using the Bellhop
or RAMGeo.  Realistic acoustic environmental parameters for bathymetry,
water temperature and salinity, surface wind speed, and bottom sediment are
provided via the Oceanographic and Atmospheric Master Library (OAML)
databases.  Sound sources have user-configurable source levels,
frequencies, beam patterns, and movement models. The Marine Mammal Movement
and Behavior (3MB) model provides simulated animal populations (animats)
with 18 pre-configured behavior models for species with characterized dive
behavior.  Scenarios of moving sound sources and animats are simulated;
sound exposure levels, positions, and timing information for each animat,
and position and timing for each sound source are plotted and stored for
custom analysis.

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