• Astounding utilization decreases in Round 1, says AMEPA

    From: Home Care Magazine

    MIAMI, Aug. 24, 2012—According to Rob Brant, board president of the Accredited Medical Equipment Providers of America (AMEPA): Medicare has finally released utilization records for Round 1 of their bidding program in home medical equipment and it did not take a Freedom of Information Act request or act of Congress to attain the records. Ironically, Medicare has included the 2011 allowable units with a corresponding list of HCPCS codes as part of the Round 1 Recompete Worksheets.

  • Wireless DX Monitoring: CMS –This a Company That Should Not Be Eligible for Medicare Payments!

     Wireless DX Monitoring states it provides cardiac event monitoring.  However CRE has been advised that its services are virtually worthless.  One of our  readers was provided with a unit that had a deficient battery. The battery was replaced but the unit was not providing information to the recording units. The problem—the user was not in a service area serviced  primarily by AT & T.

     A new recording device was provided with two sets of batteries both of which were to work for nearly a week. The first set of batteries died in two days as did the second set of batteries.