e-cigarette Community Interest in Curtailing Contraband Cigarettes


 A post by the e-cigarette community at


suggests it may be a great source of analytical and newsworthy information on counterfeit cigarettes. Here is CRE’ s invitation  to them:

To Members of the ECF:

We were particularly impressed with this post made by Thalium:


We have an Interactive Public Docket dedicated to counterfeit cigarettes, see


The IPD is in Beta, meaning it will go live shortly. The home page is restricted to posts made by CRE.  However you will note three Discussion Forums on the right hand side of the page accepts posts from the public.  When they are up and running we would appreciate your views.

A note of concern.  In order to maximize public participation, we have no registration but the posts are moderated, meaning we have control over the posts.

We do this for two reasons: (1) to control crude language, and (2) to limit posts to meaningful data and studies.

The “Enforcement” Forum is limited to posts dealing with actioins  taken to enforce counterfeit laws, these could include newspaper articles and related materials.

The “Public Comment” Forum is for the public to express their views, but one sentence views are not helpful, we would like reasoned replies like ECF members made on this post


You will note the depth of these posts are higher than the norm.

The Study Forum is for you to post any studies on counterfeit. Yes our technology allows you to attach lengthy documents.

Finally the news forum is  to post newspaper articles or blog articles on counterfeit.

We will announce on this new members site when the IPD is up and running, in the meantime you may reply to this post at


Jim Tozzi

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

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  1. CraigSchultz Says:

    My greatest dismay with what the FDA has been doing is that it all seemed based on ‘selective science’, picking and choosing which data to use to support one’s position and which to hide or ignore when it was counter to one’s position.

    My greatest hope for the TPSAC is that they bring true science back into the equation because on a topic as important as this and which can have as far reaching impact as issues surrounding tobacco or tobacco product use can and will have, the public needs for decisions to be based on sound reasoning and science as opposed to what seems to have been mainly self interest and ignorance.

    The door that the TPSAC has opened is one that is likely to open the way for a much healthier future for the entire public whether or not a given individual smokes, vapes, chews or does none of the above but does share the air breathed by all.

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