A Time To Quit ?

13 August 2011

 In April 2010, the Australian government announced that it would pursue mandatory plain packaging of tobacco products. This announcement was followed by concrete


steps in April 2011, with the release of a consultation paper and exposure draft of the relevant legislatio and in July 2011, with the introduction of a revised bill into the

Australian House of Representatives.

Attached below is Altria’s resubmission of its “Philip Morris USA Inc. Report to the FDA on the Use of Menthol in Cigarettes.”

Attached Files:

Attached below is Lorillard’s Comments to FDA on the TPSAC Report on Menthol Cigarettes.

Attached below is CRE’s report, The Countervailing Effects of Counterfeit Cigarettes, provided to the TPSAC.

Editor’s Note: In the attached Perspective column, the Chairman of the TPSAC and another TPSAC member state that the committee “was not charged with addressing regulatory options and did not have the time or expertise to analyze regulatory scenarios, including any involving inadvertently opening a door for the introduction of contraband menthol cigarettes into the U.S. market.”  This misleading statement fails to explain that the TPSAC was unambiguously charged with evaluating the health effects of contraband cigarettes, a topic which is widely discussed in the Public Health literature and which the TPSAC completely ignored.  Claiming the committee lacked “the time or expertise to analyze regulatory scenarios” does not explain why they did not analyze the health effects of contraband on adult smokers, underage smokers and non-smokers — as required by law.