Tucson, AZ — (SBWIRE) — 02/14/2012 — The website Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews (http://www.bestelectroniccigarettesreview.org/0 has published an article on electronic cigarette health risks, saying this will help consumers understand the truth about electronic cigarettes and make informed choices whenever faced with the challenge of determining whether to use the traditional tobacco cigarettes or move to e-cigs. The web masters have clarified though that what they have basically done is to collect data that is already available from authoritative sources and package it in a systematic format that will be best understood by anyone interested. The revelation consists of two main categories of information. One touches on the results of laboratory research and studies that have been published in credible scientific journals. The second category is composed of opinions and views from medical experts, the FDA and university professors who have taken interest in the subject of electric cigarettes.

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The Food and Drug Administration’s Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) has posted a draft summary of their report on dissolvable tobacco products.  The report is available for download here. The report was required by Congress and will be considered by the FDA is it evaluates how to regulate newer dissolvable tobacco products.

I attended portions of the meetings held in preparation for this report, and offered my comments as part of the open hearing. A video of my testimony is available here.  I am disappointed with TPSAC’s approach so far.  

Several of the goods targeted by organized retail crime groups are consumable items or health and beauty products—infant formula, diabetic test strips, and over-the-counter and prescription   medications, to name a few. There are public health and safety issues associated with the theft and resale of this merchandise by ORC rings.”

Our readers should note that many of  these products are regulated by the FDA .  FDA  as of this date has not examined contraband as a part of the  menthol review notwithstanding a growing  body of evidence demonstrating the threat to public health caused by these products.

Editor’s  Note:  This comment submitted to the Hill says it all: How about Big Government? That scares me more than Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Food and any other Big entitty the government creates to bash business and to try to control every aspect of our lives. Now we have Big Communications; i.e., Big Government wants to ban all cell phone usage in cars. Enough is enough!.
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By Sam Baker

 An expert panel on Wednesday recommended high standards for allowing tobacco companies to market their products as low-risk.

…through inclusion of a smoking cessation hotline, every warning must contain a direct exhortation to smokers

to “QUIT-NOW.” These factors in combination—the use of shocking and manipulative graphics, the

size of the graphics and text, their placement on Plaintiffs’ packaging and advertising, the directive

“QUIT-NOW,” and the juxtaposition of color graphics against black-and-white text—make clear that

the warnings regime imposed by the Rule does not simply provide factual information to help

consumers make educated decisions about cigarette use. Instead, the “warnings” cross the line into

anti-smoking advocacy, intended to drown out Plaintiffs’ own speech with the Government’s