A Time To Quit ?

Aug 13, 2011

 In April 2010, the Australian government announced that it would pursue mandatory plain packaging of tobacco products. This announcement was followed by concrete


steps in April 2011, with the release of a consultation paper and exposure draft of the relevant legislatio and in July 2011, with the introduction of a revised bill into the

Australian House of Representatives.

The scheme (which is expected to enter into force from to 1 July 2012)4 will apply to all tobacco products, prescribing the shape, size and type of packs and cartons and specifying that all retail packaging (apart from brand  names, health warnings and other legislative requirements) must have a matt finish and be coloured either ‘drab dark brown’ or as prescribed by regulation.5 No trademarks or other marks (eg graphics, symbols, letters) may appear on tobacco products or retail packaging or wrapping of tobacco products, except that on retail packaging the ‘brand, business or company name … and any variant name for the tobacco products’ may appear in a prescribed place …



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Time to Quit

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