Electronic Cigarettes & Health Reveals the Health Risks of E-cigarettes

Feb 25, 2012

Tucson, AZ — (SBWIRE) — 02/14/2012 — The website Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews (http://www.bestelectroniccigarettesreview.org/0 has published an article on electronic cigarette health risks, saying this will help consumers understand the truth about electronic cigarettes and make informed choices whenever faced with the challenge of determining whether to use the traditional tobacco cigarettes or move to e-cigs. The web masters have clarified though that what they have basically done is to collect data that is already available from authoritative sources and package it in a systematic format that will be best understood by anyone interested. The revelation consists of two main categories of information. One touches on the results of laboratory research and studies that have been published in credible scientific journals. The second category is composed of opinions and views from medical experts, the FDA and university professors who have taken interest in the subject of electric cigarettes.

All the facts mentioned on the website are not a representation of the creators and they say that it is neither that of the companies that produce electronic cigarettes. References are provided for all excerpts and quotes published on the website so that credibility can be ascertained. They have confirmed though that they added their comments/observations regarding the health risks following what they call ‘complaints ‘ from readers who wanted a brief summary that will provide a precise direction on the subject.

One important point that is clearly brought out on the website is the fact that the real question is really not whether electronic cigarettes are 100% safe, but rather whether the vapor cigarettes are indeed less harmful compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. To answer this question, excerpts and views from leading experts and government bodies have been used. Most of these seem to point to the general feeling that electric cigarettes are actually less harmful when compared to conventional cigarettes. To read their previous press releases go to this website.

About Electronic Cigarettes & Health:
Electronic Cigarettes and Health is a website that is dedicated to the publication of e-cig reviews and information that will be useful to consumers seeking clear guidance on electric cigarettes. Their objective is to help consumers understand the most important facts about electric cigarettes, and enable them make the

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