August 19, 2015

OIRA-Centric Teaching Modules

OIRA-Centric Teaching Modules are focused on the instruments which govern the operations of OIRA. In some  instances the instruments are currently available for incorporation into the module; in others  they are either under development or are a recommendation for future action. These instruments are outlined in the OIRA Teaching Module in light blue or black print.

CRE is encouraged by the support accorded to this endeavor from  experts in public policy, public administration, political science  and  attorneys in private practice as well as those employed by major organizations.

A number of students have already made a commitment to assist in our program to develop OIRA-Centric Teaching modules and their input is appreciated.

In all instances, unless we receive a request to the contrary, authors will be given credit for their work product.

Want to assist in this effort?

Simply go to the OIRA Teaching Module home page

(1) Select an issue from the  primary issues raised by CRE

(2) Select a topic from those not completed (printed in black) from the home page  or

(3) Augment a completed topic (printed in light blue)  from the  home  page  and  post the results of your work here .

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