June 3, 2013

The Anti-Precautionary Principle

The term “Anti-Precautionary Principle” was discussed by Mercatus Center Senior Research Fellow Adam Thierer in this paper.  According to Thierer, the Anti-Precautionary Principle

… would generally hold that:

1. society is better off when technological innovation is not preemptively restricted;

2. accusations of harm and calls for policy responses should not be premised on hypothetical worst-case scenarios; and

3. remedies to actual harms should be narrowly tailored so that beneficial uses of technology are not derailed.

Although the Anti-Precautionary Principle concept was discussed within the context of a Federal Trade Commission proceeding on privacy and cybersecurity, it has broad implications for federal technology-related regulations.

Privacy and Security Implications of the Internet of Things by Adam Thierer

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