Senators want federal agency investigated amid guardrail concerns

Editor’s Note: Regulatory use of standards, including federally-developed standards and standards developed by consensus and industry consortia standards developing organizations, is governed by the Data Quality Act, as well as the Technology Transfer and Advancement Act and OMB Circular A-119. See here and here.

From: Channel 8

By Bennett Haeberle


In a letter sent to the Government Accountability Office on Tuesday, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D – New York, and five other Senators noted “the questionable” safety of certain roadside devices which the FHWA approved and provided grants to states for widespread utilization of these devices. The letter goes on requested the Comptroller and GAO conduct an investigation to address seven areas of concern.

House of Lords Releases Its Report on the Arctic

Editor’s Note: The following article, cross-posted from the Pan Arctic Forum, highlights the anti-science nature of the precautionary principle. Because science-based regulation is a prerequiste for effective regulation, it is being presented as part of OIRA Watch’s occassional analysis and reporting on regulation in the UK and around the world.

From: Pan Arctic Forum

The House of Lords has released its report on the Arctic. The report is encyclopedic in its coverage of issues dealing with the Arctic and has a detailed coverage of governance issues.

CRE respectfully disagrees with one of the conclusions in the report: