Report Calls on OMB to Develop a Big Data Career Track for IT Managers and IT Leadership Academy

From: FISMA Focus

Editor’s Note:  The TechAmerica Foundation’s Big Data Commission has released its report “Demystifying Big Data: A Practical Guide To Transforming The Business of Government” attached here.  The report includes a recommendation that the federal government develop expertise in managing Big Data projects,  See below.

From: TechAmerica Foundation

Regulating outside the Rules

Editor’s Note:  For more on Regulation by Litigation, see here.

From: Interia Wins!

The federal regulatory process is a complicated thing. As with any complex body of law, there are loopholes that agencies can exploit. Over at the Washington Times, Wayne Crews and I point out three of these loopholes, and kindly suggest that Congress close them.

The first is “sue and settle.” Agencies like the EPA work closely with environmental and other pressure groups that sue targeted employers or states over some grievance to force a settlement, opening what our Competitive Enterprise Institute colleague William Yeatman aptly describes as “EPA’s New Regulatory Front.” Litigation is costly. Companies routinely settle to avoid protracted court battles, and settlement terms usually force compliance with the goals of the EPA or the allied interest group.

New Report Examines the Regulatory Tsunami That Wasn’t

Editor’s Note: It will be interesting to see how well the OMB Watch analysis stands up under scrutiny, particularly since it focuses on the number of rules promulgated rather than their total economic cost.

From: OMB Watch

WASHINGTON, Sept. 27, 2012—Business interests and their allies on Capitol Hill have escalated their rhetoric over the number of regulations coming out of the Obama administration.  OMB Watch today released a report, The Regulatory Tsunami That Wasn’t, that shows little difference between the Obama administration and past administrations in their overall level of regulatory activity, nor is there evidence that a “flood” of new rules will be unleashed after the November elections.

Has the U.S. Regulatory System Broken Down?

From: RegBlog

Cary Coglianese

Has the United States suffered a regulatory breakdown? The answer to this question would appear to be an obvious “yes.”  Times have been especially tough during the past several years, and virtually every account of the nation’s woes places considerable blame on regulation.  But in truth, the regulatory system is far less clearly to blame than most of us think.

According to a Gallup poll released last week, over three-quarters of Americans think the country has either too much or too little regulation. One might well say that criticism of regulation has become one of the rare commonalities between Democrats and Republicans as of late—it’s only their respective reasons for their dissatisfaction that differ profoundly.