Medscape: DEA Delays Kratom

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has not taken action to make the herbal supplement kratom as schedule I drug, despite previously announcing its intention to do so by September 30.

The delay comes as some members of Congress, as well as kratom users and researchers, have grown increasingly vociferous over the notion that the DEA would make kratom a schedule I substance, in the same class as heroin and marijuana, without allowing any public input.

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  1. J

    Regardless if it is still currently legal, they still accomplished their goal of ruining an industry which relies on imports. U.S. Customs is holding many shipments. It has been theorized that this was a very calculated plan by HHS and FDA.

    If you can post the whole article from Medscape (if possible), that would be great. It requires a login to access the whole piece.

  2. Ed Hoy

    Unfortunately, this reporting by Netscape is not entirely accurate. The DEA never said that they would take this action BY September 30th 2016. Rather they stated and continue to state, that the SOONEST which they would take this action , would have been that date.
    The DEA and HHS continue to take this stand, and have not backed off publicly, in any way.

  3. Ed Hoy

    D.A. ! Medscape above not Netscape ( what?! Is my autocorrect from 1995!?!)

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