One of the Many Informed Reactions to the CRE Proposal to Regulate Kratom as a Dietary Supplement

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CRE appreciates the many positive responses to its proposal to regulate kratom as dietary supplement; see cre-position-statement-on-kratom. CRE’s position is similar to the program in place in Canada where kratom is classified as a natural health product.

Please see an excellent response which follows. Also see the 9/28 post in the Of Note Blog in the preceding post which solicits public comment on the CRE proposal.


CRE, thank you for putting forward a sensible plan that addresses both the DEA’s stated health concerns and the public outcry from those who benefit from kratom, not to mention the scientific community’s plea to research its health benefits. I love going to my local herbal shop which sells teas and supplements of all kinds to purchase kratom for relief from chronic pain due to a spinal condition.

I did not even know prior to the DEA’s announcement that kratom was sold in head shops and gas stations. This likely contributed to false impressions of this herbal remedy. Regulation is a logical middle ground that could ensure that labeling states warnings of overconsumption and recommended intake. This would help prevent the calls to poison control centers the DEA references because people would be educated about the nausea that can occur if one consumes too much and not panic.

I have been scared and losing sleep about the nearing date of the proposed ban and still in disbelief that I could be considered a felon for safely caring for my pain in a way that allows a full and active life without the impairment of prescription drugs. Having the CRE, scientific community, credible media sources, 51 House Reps, and now Senator Orrin Hatch standing up for the rights of the kratom community and in turn all Americans, has been truly a gift. Thank you.

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  1. Anonymous

    I 100% agree with this plan as well. I wish the CRE could take over the DEA department and actually start improving our country instead of trying to cause harm. The DEA has no track record of success and their motives are suspicious to say the least. I hope the DEA chooses to listen to the CRE, Congress, and our Senators, however I am convinced they believe they are higher than the law. It is a shame when our basic rights are taken away so carelessly by a Government agency that we pay for to protect us. Thank you CRE for your sensibility in the matter and your ongoing support.

  2. George

    Thank you CRE for your thoughtfulness on this matter. I have not researched how Canada handles natural health products such as kratom but I’m sure that they got it right rather than the absolute prohibition the DEA has proposed.
    I believe it would be appropriate for all Americans be able to go to their local store and purchase kratom. I also believe it would be appropriate for all Americans to be able to shop online for kratom and have some assurance that they are getting unadulterated kratom.

  3. Joe

    I applaud the efforts of the CRE in proposing a middle ground between the purported “Wild West” perception of the Kratom industry and the ham-fisted approach of the DEA/FDA Notice of Intent to Schedule. I hope this dialog results in the ability of those who rely on Kratom for various health reasons to access the plant without fear of a felony. I hope it allows vendors to conduct business responsibly and continue to contribute to our economy. I think that “entrepreneurs” who have marketed this supplement as a “legal high” have led us to this point, and I hope any rule making would address this. While responsible Kratom users and vendors wish these vultures would have stayed away, unfortunately, we find ourselves now in a position where a minority of those who chose a short sighted and selfish money grab have created a problem for the majority. I hope that wisdom will prevail and that American citizens who chose to responsibly access Kratom, will not be criminalized and punished by our government for the actions of a very small minority.

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