Leaked draft of EU report reveals mixed findings on neonicotinoids and bees

Editor’s Note: The headline above and the views that follow are those  of the Genetic Literacy Project (GLP) based upon an article of December 6 published on the Politico Website.

The GLP concludes:

EFSA has been looking at data on neonicotinoids since 2015, though the vast majority of the data on the risks posed by the substances was deemed inconclusive.

Read  the Politico  article  [Updated 12/7/17  4:10 AM CET]

Also see this earlier statement by the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

Based upon the information reported by the Genetic Literacy Project it appears that EFSA agrees with the information that CRE  submitted to DEFRA in 2014, DEFRA Communique; the EU should act in a similar fashion.

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Anti-Neonic Movement Poised to Deliver Knock-Out Punch in Europe

Editor’s Note: The EU’s ban on neonicotinoids is not scientifically based. See, EFSA Neonicotinoid Statement: Unfit for Government Use and Paying the Price for the EU’s Disastrous Ban on Neonics. Also see the USDA/Foreign Agricultural Service Report on the EU’s further restrictions on neonicotinoids. The USDA/FAS Report states, “The only basis for the proposed restrictions is EFSA’s risk assessment, which is based on a currently unapproved Bee Guidance Document. This theoretical guidance on how to conduct the risk assessment of the impact of Plant Protection Products on bees is not supported by many EU Member States.”

From: EU Reporter

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Will the US Competitive Crush Canada’s Agricultural Industry? If So, Credit EPA’s Science-Based Policies

From: Alberta Farmer Express

Pesticide rules hurting farmers, says consultant

Producers north of the border have access to fewer modes of action and active ingredients



He pointed to wheat and barley, saying Canadian farmers have access to five modes of action and 10 different active ingredients, while U.S. farmers have seven modes of action and 15 different active ingredients. In dry beans, there are 12 different modes of action and 34 active ingredients in the U.S. versus five and 10 respectively.

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Why Does a Google Search for “Neonicotinoids” Return A Russian Website As Its Featured Snippet? Is There a Relation between Russian “Fake News” and the Anti-Neonic Movement?


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Say Goodbye to Neonics, Say Hello to Weevils

From: Horticulture Week

Fern grower makes neonicotinoid plea

Bob Hollister of specialist fern growers Country Garden Plant Sales has made a plea to for the continued use of neonicotinoids on non-flowering plants.


Hollister fears that a blanket ban on the incorporation of neonicotinoids into growing media will cause unnecessary problems for many ‘non flowering’ plant producers. Conifers, ferns and grasses can all be susceptible to vine weevil, which has been safely treated with neonicotinoids for decades.

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Oops! European Lab Produced False Positive Tests for Fipronil

Editor’s Note: Regulatory policies based on a panic-first, verify-later basis, i.e., the precautionary principle, ignore science and the public interest. See, The Precautionary Principle: An Affront to Science.

From: FarmingUK

Fipronil crisis: Egg poison test results may have been wrong, analysis says

Some of the eggs found to have been contaminated during the recent fipronil crisis may have been clear of the chemical, new analysis has found.

The revelation that some test results may have been wrong comes in a European Commission report following an assessment of the performance of labs involved in the fipronil testing.

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Are Birds the New Bees for Anti-Neonic Campaigners?

Editor’s Note: For information about non-science based campaign to ban neonics based on the substances’ purported effects on songbirds, see here, here, and here.

From: The Guardian

Common pesticide can make migrating birds lose their way, research shows

The experimental study is the first to directly show harm to songbirds, extending the known impacts of neonicotinoids beyond insects

The world’s most widely used insecticide may cause migrating songbirds to lose their sense of direction and suffer drastic weight loss, according to new research.

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Populism Beats Out Science in UK Neonic Debate

From: Spalding Today

Will Gove be good for farmers?

Farmer RICHARD BARLOW considers the future for farmers post-Brexit


Michael Gove, is obviously an intelligent and ambitious Secretary of State, responsible for the environment, food and rural affairs. Whether he will be good for farming is yet to be seen. The correct decisions are not always the most popular, but will his pursuit of higher office mean he takes the populist route too often?

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File Under Irony: Anti-Neonic Campaign Threatens to Reduce the Planting of Pollinator-Friendly Plants

From: Horticulture Week

RHS considers withdrawing Perfect for Pollinators

by Matthew Appleby

The RHS is considering the future of its Perfect for Pollinators logo and whether it should withdraw it from the market since it cannot “police” how plants are grown.

The move follows the publication of a study from University of Sussex’s Professor Dave Goulson earlier this year which claimed to have found ‘bee-friendly’ plants for sale with traces of one of the three neonicotinoid-based insecticide products banned by the EU (imidacloprid, thiamethoxam or clothianidin).

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UK Parliament Motion for Resolution on Neonicotiniods

Editor’s Note: The Democratic Unionist Party provides critical support for Prime Minister May’s government.

From: UK House of Commons

Early day motion 590


That this House welcomes the Government’s commitment to uphold the complete ban on neonicotinoid pesticides; and urges the Government to undertake to rebuild the habitats that enable the bee population to flourish and by extension our crops and countryside to thrive.

Name Party Constituency Date Signed

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