The Bottom Line on Neonics

February 9, 2018

Editor’s Note: Now that CRE has made a number of filings with the EU on neonicotinoids we will, for the time being, terminate posts on this website. Accolades to the EU for the attention devoted to our filings. We will continue to make the work products we have produced as of this date available to the public by maintaining  this website in an active mode.

In a nutshell, CRE is of the view that regulators can keep on pressing to ban neonicotinoids but notwithstanding these efforts, should they materialize,  bees will continue to perish. Why, because the presence of varroa mites. In fact all the effort dedicated to banning neonics is diverting attention from the varroa mite issue.

It is easy and common for the political establishment to confuse activity with accomplishment. However in this instance an incorrect decision will be apparent as the bee population continues to decrease. At some subsequent time the varroa mite issue will have to be addressed and the policy officials will owe an explanation to the farming community if they  imposed a ban with tremendous costs and little benefit.

You need not take CRE’s  (Center for Regulatory Effectiveness) position on this matter, read the views  of other observers and commentators.

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