Michael Gove’s Changing Positions on Agriculture Policy Continue to Change

January 5, 2018

From: Left Foot Forward

Michael Gove is trying to face both ways on farming – but soon he’ll have to decide

The Environment Secretary talked the talk at a grassroots farming conference this week. Just up the road however, he was giving very different signals to the industry.

Natalie Bennett


Then he spoke about the need to respect the Earth and nature in our farming practices. About the hidden costs of ‘cheap’ food. About being an ‘instinctive supporter’ of small mixed farms. About the EU being right on neonicotinoids, the pesticides that have been harming bees and other pollinators.

***Some of the ORFC audience had read the speech Mr Gove gave to the older conference, however – and the mood distinctly cooled. Because the speeches were very different.

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