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"We at Environmental Working Group are still using our cell phones...."
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has caused a media stir by releasing a report on cell phone radiation. The study states that scientists "around the world have recently associated serious health problems with using cell phones for 10 years or longer...."

EWG bases their report on a "comprehensive, 10-month science evaluation of the hazards of cell phone radiation includes data from more than 200 peer-reviewed studies, government advisories, and industry documents...." Whatever the strength of the hazard association claimed by the various documents, it was not strong enough to convince EWG officials to put down their own cell phones.

EWG is not telling consumers to stop using cell phones. Instead, they recommend that consumers "buy phones with the lowest emissions." EWG provides an online database for looking up RF emission numbers. What is missing from the database is any indication as to the biological significance, if any, of the numbers.

EWG does provide seemingly common sense advice about RF emissions from cell phones. For example, the NGO states, "Choose Texting Over Talking. Phones use less power (less radiation) to send text than voice." One can only assume that EWG intended to include a warning not to choose texting when driving.

The EWG report also notes that the "National Toxicology Program, in collaboration with several academic centers across the U.S. and internationally, is now developing a large-scale, long-term series of studies to examine the health effects of cell phone radiation in experimental animals.... This information would then be used to determine the adequacy of current guidelines for protecting against potential adverse effects of chronic exposure." Thus, there is no basis for the federal government to change their guidelines or other information disseminations regarding wireless devices prior to completion and validation of these studies.

See FDA statement on cell phones

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