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The Mexicans Are Coming, The Mexicans Are Coming
Protectionism goes nativist with Public Citizen’s warning against the dangers of Mexican tuck drivers. The Department of Transportation is beginning a long delayed pilot program under NAFTA to allow greater access to US roads for Mexican trucks and drivers.

Public Citizen, a ferocious free trade critic, is claiming that the program plans “to make everyone on the roads guinea pigs....” even though, as DOT explains, before being allowed on US roads, Mexican trucking companies “must pass a safety audit by U.S. inspectors, including a complete review of driver records, insurance policies, drug and alcohol testing programs and vehicle inspection records” and that “Every truck that crosses the border as part of the pilot will be checkedevery truck, every time.” Why then is Public Citizen singling out Mexican trucks for criticism? Does Public Citizen consider Mexicans to be incompetent drivers that should be prohibited from US roads no matter what their credentials, vehicle condition and insurance?

Youngstown, Ohio’s noted that “available statistics on the very limited amount of travel by Mexican trucks that has been going on in the United States does not support” the contention that Mexican trucks “would present a danger to American motorists.” On the other hand, the article states bluntly, that the controversy is “about jobs.”

If Public Citizen’s wants to support the Teamsters union, that’s their business. However, portraying an economic issue as a safety concern is a disservice to honest debate. Moreover, Public Citizen’s attempt to induce a US fear of Mexican drivers is an ugly tactic that the NGO should be above.

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