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America’s Immigrant Future
Forward-thinking companies and trade associations such as Altria, Genetech, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Oracle, and the National Association of Manufacturers have created Compete America, an organization seeking to establish “a secure and efficient employment-based immigration system that welcomes highly educated and talented professionals to our nation.”

Compete America notes that “in many crucial disciplines, specifically in science, math and engineering, 50 percent or more of the advanced degrees earned at U.S. universities are awarded to foreign nationals. These students work on cutting edge research.... American policy should encourage these students to remain in the United States, rather than return home or move to another country to compete against us.”

Meanwhile, a shadowy anti-immigration watchdog organization called the Coalition for the Future American Worker (CFAW) has placed prominent ads in The Washington Post and Roll Call to promote an agenda based on fear and promoting ethnic divisiveness. The ads claim “the government allows more and more jobs to be filled by legal and illegal foreign workers.” and “Black Americans have lost hundreds of thousands of jobs to foreign workers willing to work for next to nothing.”

CFAW acts as an umbrella for obscure groups such as U.S. 1st, No More H1B, and There is no indication as to the identity of CFAW’s political and financial leadership. Given CFAW’s ugly message, the desire of their primary backers to remain hidden may be prudent, particularly if they also participate in the political process in a more respectable manner under another name.

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