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Targeting Target
With Wal-Mart under incessant fire from an array of activist groups, can attacks on Target be far behind? CorpWatch, an anti-corporate watchdog organization, refers to Target as "Wal-Mart Lite." An official with the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union, when asked about the difference between the two retailers, responds, "Nothing, except that Wal-Mart is six times bigger."

CorpWatch notes that "a glance at labels on a few racks of stylish $20 cardigans and capri pants shows that, like Wal-Mart and most major clothing retailers, Target itself sources its products in India, Indonesia, Guatemala, Mexico, Bangladesh, Kenya, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and other low-wage, developing countries." The NGO also observes that "you usually have to seek out small specialty companies to find union-made, American-made textiles."

It's hard not to notice a distinctly nativist tone to CorpWatch's comments. They favor shunning lower-cost products from developing countries in favor of higher-priced American goods. While a relative handful of well paid union members might benefit from such tactics, what about everyone else?

CorpWatch, which claims to support the little guy against big business, is promoting policies that would benefit a relatively affluent few while harming workers and consumers around the world. Perhaps CorpWatch officials can afford more expensive goods, but what about lower and middle income shoppers?

No matter. The war against Target and Wal-Mart will continue as long they continue to commit the outrage of offering affordable, attractive merchandise.

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