FDA playing catch-up as JUUL and imitators give nicotine jolt to e-cig business

From: Salon

Adolescents who are heavy users of e-cigarettes risk becoming addicted to the nicotine



In April, the FDA announced an undercover operation cracking down on retailers that sell JUUL products to minors. The agency also demanded that JUUL Labs, the San Francisco-based company that markets the JUUL device, turn over documents related to its marketing practices and research, including information on the health effects of its products.

FDA chief to tobacco firms: ‘Step up soon’ on underage vaping

From: Bloomberg via Press Herald

His comments are the agency’s latest effort to crack down on companies that are producing e-cigarettes and selling them to minors.

Tobacco companies need to step up efforts to stop kids from vaping, according to a warning from U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

The comments are the latest in a series of FDA efforts to crack down on companies that are producing e-cigarettes and selling them to minors. E-cigs like the products made by Juul Labs Inc. are the newest craze in underage tobacco use as youth smoking rates of combustible cigarettes hover around historic lows.

Heat-not-burn IQOS sells 1.9 million

From: Korea Joongang Daily
Philip Morris Korea celebrates IQOS first anniversary at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul Wednesday. [YONHAP]

In its first year on the market, the heat-not-burn cigarette IQOS sold 1.9 million devices and became one of the top five cigarette brands in the country, Philip Morris Korea said Wednesday.

“Only nine months after its release, IQOS achieved 7.3 percent market share for cigarettes,” said Philip Morris Korea CEO Chong Il-woo at a ceremony held in central Seoul to celebrate the brand’s first anniversary.

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FDA: “Too many kids” experimenting with e-cigarettes, vaping

From CBS News


The popularity of e-cigarettes among younger Americans is drawing mounting scrutiny from federal regulators.

Citing a wish “to better understand the youth appeal of these products,” the Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that four manufacturers of e-cigarettes have until July 12 to hand over documents related to their marketing strategies and product designs.

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Federal Government Sends Warning To Vaping Companies

From: National Public Radio

E-Liquid (right) with labeling that resembles kid-friendly candy (left)

The Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday sent warning letters to 13 manufacturers, distributors and retailers of e-cigarette liquids. In a phone briefing for reporters, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the companies are endangering kids by marketing the products to resemble juice boxes, cookies or candy.

“You look at the lollipop for example. I don’t see how my 4- or 5-year-old doesn’t just look at that and see a lollipop. It’s a lollipop,” he said.

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