Menthol May Be Banned in Cigarettes

Many cigarette brands in Australia like Alpine and imported ones like Kool, Virginia Slims and Salem may been banned if the U. S. bans the use of heavy menthol in cigarettes.

A panel is already reviewing evidence if menthol is harmful and makes smoking more addictive. Health experts and anti-tobacco campaigners stress that menthol is addictive and encourages young people to start smoking.

The Food and Drug Administration has been given sweeping powers by the U. S. Congress to regulate tobacco and ban additives, which it considers harmful for health.

But many health experts have criticized Australia as it has failed to regulate the usage of tobacco additives. They feel that these Companies are free to add any legal substance, which they feel is right.

Reports have already confirmed that ammonia is being added to cigarettes by tobacco Companies. Health experts have expressed that ammonia can increase the rate at which nicotine is absorbed by the brain. This can also increase tobacco addiction in users.

Most of the Companies are not properly revealing various additives which are used in cigarettes. The Government is also being urged to put pressure on tobacco Companies to reveal all the ingredients used in cigarettes.

Experts claim that Companies are using these additives to encourage young users to start smoking and putting their health in danger.

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