June 17, 2019

Federal Government Violated The Law In Marijuana Scheduling Evaluation, Group Says

Editor’s Note: For a history of the use of the DQA to seek relief from federal dissemination of inaccurate information concerning the medical use of cannabis, see Americans for Safe Access Data Quality Act Briefs and Replies. To see the power of the DQA to change a DEA scheduling decision, see Jim Tozzi’s Role in Stopping the DEA from Classifying Drug in Schedule 1 Status.

From: Marijuana Moment


But as CEI pointed out, multiple medical associations and a majority of the public have reached a starkly different conclusion. And because HHS failed to conduct a peer review of the subject, that represented a violation of several provisions outlined in an Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memo on ensuring the quality of scientific information that’s disseminated by the agency.

“Because no peer review was done, the requirements of OMB concerning selection of reviewers, independence, choice of peer review mechanism, opportunity for public participation in the peer review process, and certification of compliance were all violated by HHS,” CEI wrote.

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