December 19, 2017

Lack of USDA Organic Labeling for Aquaculture Harming US Competitiveness?

From: SeafoodSource

Organic standards for US farmed seafood going nowhere despite market demand

By Aaron Orlowski


“We remain on hold one year later, in spite of numerous requests to move forward into final rulemaking with the publication of the proposed final rule,” George Lockwood, who chaired the Aquaculture Working Group, told SeafoodSource. “With the change in government, USDA has put this matter on hold. We have asked on several occasions that it be moved onto their active regulatory review agenda, but that has not happened.”

***“Without the USDA organic label, U.S. producers of fish and shellfish cannot compete,” Lockwood said. “Therefore, U.S. farmers are closed out of their domestic market and American consumers must purchase aquaculture products that are inferior to what USDA organic aquaculture would be.”

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