July 24, 2017

FDA To Cease Work On Certain Tobacco, Advertising, Food Safety Rules

From: Inside Health Policy

David Lim

FDA is stopping work on several key rules including those regulating compounding, direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising, child-focused tobacco sales, dietary supplement manufacturing practices and food safety testing, according to a list published Friday (July 21) by the White House Office of Management and Budget. The newly released inactive list of the Unified Agenda is the Trump administration’s first time identifying rules that federal agencies are not actively working to release.


However, one regulatory expert commended the list for its transparency. “I like it because it’s honest. When you go to any of the agendas, you see stuff that hasn’t moved in years, sometimes a decade or more. I think it takes what has been de facto common practice and puts it into a formal structure and I think that’s great, it brings some openness and transparency to the Unified Agenda,” Bruce Levinson, senior vice president of regulatory intervention at the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness, told IHP.

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