October 11, 2016

More regs: What to expect, when, why

From: Fleet Owner

New highway bill calls for 20 FMCSA rulemakings; here’s what coming


And the federal rulemaking process—notices of proposed rules, cost-benefit calculations, public comment periods, extensive reviews—are there to protect the public from “over-zealous” regulation. In short, “there shouldn’t be any surprise” when a new rule is developed, he emphasized.


And the number and scope of the new and pending rules might prompt truckers to wonder just how successful those protections from over-zealous federal regulators truly are, and instead to side with ATA President and CEO Chris Spear who earlier in the annual meeting faulted regulators who “issue mandates as if they were mere parking tickets.”

Regardless, here’s a rundown of what’s on tap from Washington:

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