September 13, 2016

CRE Information Request to DEA

Editor’s Note: The post below, cross-posted from CRE’s Regulatory Pacesetters forum, established an Interactive Public Docket on DEA’s August 31st Federal Register notice starting a 30 day process to list kratom as a schedule I narcotic. CRE has, so far, received over 400 comments on the DEA’s proposal. The kratom comments are available here.

From: Regulatory Pacesetters

Note  2nd CRE  Letter to the Department of Justice at  cre-dea-kratom-1

See Kratom Policy Forum in link to the right of this post

CRE has submitted a Request for Information to DEA regarding its listing of kratom as a Schedule I narcotic. The information so requested is the DEA letter to HHS as mentioned in the Federal Register which announced the aforementioned listing, which states:

The Administrator [DEA} transmitted notice of his intent to place mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in schedule I on a temporary basis to the Assistant Secretary[HHS] by letter dated May 6, 2016.

CRE, serving in its role as regulatory watchdog, ensures that regulators comply with the Data Quality Act, a statute which requires that regulatory actions be based upon sound scientific principals.

The information contained in the DEA letter to HHS is of critical importance in assessing the merits of the agency’s science. CRE was surprised that the said letter is not immediately accessible on the DEA website nor was it made available in the DEA listing of kratom as a Schedule I narcotic as noted in the Federal Register notice.

In that federal regulators review CRE websites, CRE recommends that interested parties increase their leverage by broadcasting this post to other stakeholders.

Please see cre-letter-to-dea-officials

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