August 27, 2015

OIRA, the DQA, and the Control of the Cumulative Cost of Regulation

CRE has three regulatory objectives:

1. Restore OIRA’s staff level to its original level of 90

2.  Subject Independent Agencies to Centralized Regulatory Review

3. Develop a Mechanism to Control the Cumulative Cost of Regulations

If Objective 3 is accomplished Objectives 1 and 2 will follow. OIRA is ideally situated to be the agency in charge of the implementation of a mechanism to control the cumulative cost of regulations.  OIRA is the natural counterpart to OMB’s BRD (Budget Review Division) which is in charge of the preparation of the federal budget.

History demonstrates that the US government will not develop the mechanism required in objective 3; non-marginal changes must come from the millennials who will foot the bills.

The means to the end, that is the way to accomplish objective 3 is to solicit student input through the development of the OIRA Teaching Module.

The Data Quality Act will be the mechanism used by stakeholders to ensure the accuracy of the cost estimates generated by federal agencies.

We request that contributors to the OIRA Teaching Module address the important issue of developing mechanisms to control the cumulative cost of regulations by making posts on this page.

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