June 12, 2015

An unhealthy approach to corporate wellness programs

From: The Cap Times


The EEOC’s proposed corporate wellness program regulations are in the middle of the usual regulatory process. Currently they are being evaluated by the Office of Management and Budget, after which the regulations will be released for public comment. While many members of Congress have expressed strong support for corporate wellness programs in the wake of the EEOC’s new regulations (and a previous lawsuit), this support will need to continue in the months ahead to make sure the OMB and the Obama administration know the facts.

The EEOC’s new corporate wellness program regulations are the very definition of fixing something that isn’t broken. Corporate wellness programs allow workers and their families to take control of their health, as well as the costs of their health care. Those who actively subvert the law should be pursued under any regulatory or legal means necessary. But those companies that support positive programs that exist within the framework set up by the ACA should be applauded, not targeted for punitive action.

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