November 5, 2014

US Telecom Association Tells FCC it Needs Additional Special Access Data to Conduct a Lawful Market Analysis

From: CCMI

Posted by Andrew Regitsky

The industry response to the FCC’s trimmed down special access request is due on December 15th and ILECs are not happy. With special access responders now required to file data for 2013 only, ILECs are concerned that a single data peoint will provide a misleading picture of the special access market to the Commission. Moreover, they believe that the Commission would unlawfully use the misleading data to restrict their special access pricing flexibility and possibly even their earnings.


ILECs  know that the Commission’s original special access data request was shackled by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in August. The OMB eliminated much of the original data required in order to ease the burden on responders. Thus the two years of data originally required have become just one. To remedy this, ILECs have come up with a creative solution.

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