June 27, 2014

Allow the Wonks to Have a Say on OMB Review of Regulations

Publisher’s Note: The publisher of this website was instrumental in the initiation of centralized regulatory review in the White Office of Management and Budget– its origins having begun in the Johnson Administration and utilized by eight subsequent Presidential Administrations.

A plethora of press articles are coming on line in the last eight hours which cast the OMB review in a non-favorable light. I remind all our readers that the office in OMB, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, consisting of less than four dozen employees out of a million plus federal employees is the only group between an unchecked regulatory bureaucracy and the taxpayers check book.

Reporters have to work off the material given to them; however it should be noted that the documents that have been released stating that OMB dictated the changes are in all likelihood inaccurate. These documents in all probability reflect the consensus view reached by a large number of participants involved in any interagency review process.

It is time that the American public support the activities of OIRA and ask penetrating questions of those of their elected officials and others who question the very existence of OIRA.

Read the following story which is representative of stories based upon an incomplete knowledge of the relevant facts.

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