December 8, 2013

OSHA Soliciting Input on Possible Changes To Process Safety Standards, Other Rules

Editor’s Note: As the journalist correctly notes below, Information Collection Requests (ICRs) are “designed to gather data and views on what–if any–rulemaking actions an agency will go on to take.” The Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) calls for a vigorous public participation in the information collection develop, design and approval processes.  For more information, please see the website of the Administrative Conference here.

From: Bloomberg/BNA

By Robert Iafolla

Dec. 3 –The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced Dec. 3 that it is soliciting public input on possible revisions to its process safety management standard and three other rules related to prevention of chemical catastrophes.

The public comment period will last 90 days from the publication of a formal request for information in an unspecified future edition of the Federal Register, OSHA said.

The agency apparently made the announcement in anticipation of the White House Office of Management and Budget giving it permission to publish the request for information. OSHA submitted the information request to OMB for approval on Nov. 9. OMB’s online registry of regulatory actions still listed the request as under review on Dec. 3.

Requests for information represent a preliminary step in the regulatory process, designed to gather data and views on what–if any–rulemaking actions an agency will go on to take.

Executive Order on Chemical Safety

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