Oops! European Lab Produced False Positive Tests for Fipronil

November 29, 2017

Editor’s Note: Regulatory policies based on a panic-first, verify-later basis, i.e., the precautionary principle, ignore science and the public interest. See, The Precautionary Principle: An Affront to Science.

From: FarmingUK

Fipronil crisis: Egg poison test results may have been wrong, analysis says

Some of the eggs found to have been contaminated during the recent fipronil crisis may have been clear of the chemical, new analysis has found.

The revelation that some test results may have been wrong comes in a European Commission report following an assessment of the performance of labs involved in the fipronil testing.


“It should be noted that one participant with a very unsatisfactory result for fipronil sulfone analysed 100-500 egg samples since July 2017, which might have resulted in false positive results,” the assessors said in their report. The identity of the laboratory involved has not been made public.

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