Killing Bees to Save Them: Anti-pesticide activists place ideology over science

October 27, 2017

From: The Wellington Advertiser

Bees and neonics

Dear Editor:

RE: Better methods needed, Oct. 20.


The same conclusion appears in a major review on bee health released in 2017 by a team of University of Guelph researchers. Varroa, other pests/diseases and sometimes-inadequate bee management are the dominant causes of bee deaths. The obsession with neonics by some Ontario beekeepers is puzzling. It’s almost like they are more focused on anti-pesticide activism than on better bee health per se.


Coneybeare’s attack on the “conditional” pesticide registration process of Health Canada is puzzling. Apivar, the most important pesticide used in Canada to protect honey bees from varroa mites, is conditionally registered. Its elimination would truly cause a honey bee crisis. Sometimes it’s important to think deeply about that which you seek.

Terry Daynard, RR7, Guelph

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