Don’t ignore neonics science. Do ignore NGOs trying to turn retailers into regulators.

September 8, 2017

Editor’s Note: For more information on the dangers of poorly informed “Regulation by Retailers,” See here.

From: Horticulture Week

Don’t ignore neonics science, says grower

by Matthew Appleby

Kernock Park Plants managing director Bruce Harnett has defended use of legal neonicotinoids in a blog on the grower’s website.

Harnett said: “Recent press based on some scientific data regarding unknown levels of unknown categories of neonicotinoid has created media pressure causing some retailers to formulate a pledge to go neonicotinoid free.


“So, what would the consequences of “neonicotinoid-free” be?… Well, with a relatively limited portfolio of effective pesticides at our disposal, if we were to remove all neo-nicotinoids (including those shown to be safe to pollinators) from our crop programmes we would certainly see increased incidents and severity of some key pests through the growing chain, increased issues and shortfalls in crops caused by damage to affected batches and increased costs associated with production due to increased losses and manual tasks to help eradicate pests. With our current knowledge of alternatives available we are convinced that a stance of “neo-nicotinoids free” will not be viable if we are to have any chance to maintain standards. If any body or person can inform us of viable alternatives for these control methods, then we are of course happy to entertain them.

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