BeeDar: University Of Newcastle research accelerates into the spotlight

September 7, 2017

From: The University of Newcastle (Australia)

Seven University Of Newcastle teams will soon get the chance to validate their research and test whether there are real world applications for their ideas.


The diverse research projects and teams are:


BeeDar, David Lyall, Kate Lyall. Varroa Destructor is a parasitic mite that has jumped species from the Asian honeybee (apis cerana) to European honeybees (apis mellifera). Australia is the last country in the world to be varroa free, with experts stating, “It is not a question of if varroa arrives in Australia, it’s just a question of when”. Bee radar (BeeDar) helps biosecurity agencies keep Australia varroa free by identifying a varroa incursion by tracking bees from the field to the hive in real time, reporting location via an application, unlike current practice which requires a person to physically stand in the field. Beedar is an integrated wireless sensing and tracking platform which identifies foraging bees.

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