Regulatory process of insecticides: let’s apply some logic and social science

June 21, 2017

From: Bio Based Press | Towards green growth through sustainability and innovation



I end my considerations with two quotes that speak for themselves. The first is from Jon Entine, editor of the Genetic Literacy Project and an opponent of a ban on neonicotinoids: ‘There is a tendency in the science media to report on studies, no matter how weak, that suggest problems rather than ones that reaffirm current practices as safe.’ The other is from Randy Oliver, the environmentalist, beekeeper and biologist who has done much work to unravel misconceptions about neonicotinoids: ‘When emotion trumps science, what are farmers and the Plant Protection Product industry supposed to do? It takes millions of dollars to bring a new product to market — including the newer generation ‘biopesticides’ and reduced-risk pesticides. Why should industry invest if their hard work all goes up in smoke as the result of an irrationally fearful public campaign?’

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