Varroa Hits Réunion

May 17, 2017

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Detection of varroa: 5 new outbreaks confirmed in the island

On Thursday, may 4, the bee surveillance network detected the first case of presence of the varroa parasitic mite in honeybees, in an Apiary located Saint‑Denis. A shipment in metropolis for confirmation has been done as of Friday, may 5. The national reference laboratory (ANSES Sofia Antipolis) confirmed the identification of the varroa Tuesday, May 9.


To date, 5 new outbreaks have been confirmed beyond the original area of prevention: Sainte-Suzanne, Saint-Benoît, Sainte Rose (2 cases), and St. Louis. The hypothesis of contamination in a small geographic area must therefore be rejected. Given the damage caused by this mite on bees resulting in high mortality and in view of the economic and environmental consequences caused by it, it is essential to quickly take measures to limit its spread, or to eradicate it.

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